Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Out With the Old - Part 2

Continuing with our new year, new you theme we have the next item on the list for the chop. This time it is an internet forum, Canalworld Discussion Forum, or CWDF as it is usually shortened too.

Since owning Naughty-Cal I have been somewhat of an active member of this forum site, however in recent times it has become more heavily moderated and somewhat hijacked by a select few whose only goal is to have a dig at Canal and Rivers Trust at every given opportunity. It has somewhat spoiled the whole atmosphere of the forum and to be quite frank left it somewhat uninspiring and a bit of a waste of time and effort. It had gotten somewhat monotonous and boring, logging on each day to see the same few names whinging and moaning about the same topics time and time again, people berating CRT only for the real story to emerge and find them at fault and digging up the same old trash over and over again.

It was definitely time for a change and time to move on. 

So good bye CWDF.

Now what next for the chop?


  1. Rachael, sorry to see you go but understand the reasons absolutely. Best wishes

  2. Thank you.

    It was becoming more and more of a grind, due to one or two members in particular.

    Decided it just wasn't worth the time, the effort or wasting any more time. There are far better things to be doing.