Thursday, 14 January 2016

Easy Mealtimes

The slow cooker has really come into it's own whilst we have been busy at home doing DIY during the evenings after work.

It has mean't that we can still enjoy fresh home cooked meals when we havine finished our jobs for the evening but without all of the preparation work and the hassle of starting afresh.

Last night for example we enjoyed this lovely beef shin and Guiness pie. I had cooked the beef shin in the Guiness gravy with some onions, garlic, mushrooms and potatoes overnight on Tuesday night, then left it in the fridge yesterday. When we had finished stripping hard to reach wallpaper last night, I simply topped it with grated red potatoes and mature cheddar and baked it for 30 minutes. Hey presto, and we had a lovely home cooked pie in double quick time.

How we ever managed without a slow cooker at home before I will never know. 

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