Monday, 18 January 2016

Cruising Essentials - Part 1

There are one or two essential cruising items we need to buy for this upcoming summer cruising season.

Top of the list is a new folding trolley. Our old one finally gave up the ghost early last year when a wheel fell off and the handle became very wobbly. 

This item is essential for the beer run. When out on the boat we obviously don't have a car to transport heavy goods and essential supplies so we have to walk and rely on the trolley, unless of course we are feeling strong and fancy carrying the booze back.

Now Naughty-Cal isn't the largest of boats so space is very much at a premium so any items we buy have to be small and fold away neatly in their designated storage space. The little folding trolley fits away neatly under the rear cockpit seat, where it is easy to grab when needed but out of the way when not required.

The last trolley was £13 well spent and gave us 5 years of good service before quite literally falling apart, part way back from the shops of course. This one is a tad more expensive at £15 including postage but we hope that it will also give similar service for a similar period of time. £3 per year is hardly a high price to pay for the convenience it provides.

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