Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cruising Essentials - Part 3

Mooring ropes or lines, an essential item on any boat and this year we have decided it is high time we had some new ones.

The last set had been on the boat for well over five years and although they had worn really very nicely a couple of them now had large nicks taken out of them, one had gotten lost leaving us down to just three and none of them would be long enough for our trip on the Caledonian next summer. So it was time to track down some new ones.

We have been very impressed with how the Marlow braid on braid rope took the daily use and abuse that we threw at it so we are going to get the same again. 12mm in navy. This is a nice size to handle and more importantly suits the size of the boat. It doesn't look or feel too thick or too thin to handle the job.

Bought from chandlers shops this rope is a little on the pricey side, usually in the region of £2 per metre, however if you hunt around on Ebay it is usually possible to pick up a roll end for closer to £1 or £1.10 a metre, much more gentle on the wallet. 

This time around we are looking to get four mooring ropes, two at about 12m for day to day use and two in the region of 20m for when we need longer ropes. 

Naughty-Cal will be looking super smart this year with her new ropes.


  1. Those ropes are good, but who splices in the eye??.
    Hope you are well.


  2. We are both well thanks.

    We don't splice them. We tie them so that there is a loop on one end that is large enough to easily slip on and off of the cleats on Cal.

    I believe that you can splice it, but neither of us is patient enough to sit down and learn how!