Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cruising Essentials - Part 4

The life jacket, a cruising essential for anyone travelling on the coast or indeed on our inland rivers and estuaries.

We bought our life jackets when we bought Naughty-Cal going on for eight years ago. They have been serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they worked safely however the time had come to replace the firing mechanisms, gas cylinders, spray hoods and lights and this was going to tot up to a fairly substantial bill and we would still be wearing eight year old life jackets.

So we took the decision at the end of last year that we would for the beginning of our cruising season this year buy ourselves some new life jackets. The costs difference between servicing the old ones and buying some new ones really wasn't that great and the new jackets are a far more modern and comfortable design and offer a higher buoyancy rating. 

It was a no brainer really to replace them. When they do arrive however we will check them over and ensure that everything is in order and that the gas cylinders are screwed in place properly. Something people often overlook and it is shocking how many new jackets come supplied in a state that would render them more of a hindrance than a help in an emergency situation.

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