Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Colours Chosen

After much deliberation we have finally chosen a colour scheme for the hallway, who would have known it would be such a difficult choice to match paint to wallpaper? 
It is a little way off being ready for paint just yet, but not that far now. It is finally getting there with real progress being made in the last couple of weeks.
The panelling is all but finished now with just a very small section to finish off and a few pieces of trim to fix which finish off the edges, then it is time to finish sanding the walls and then finally it will be time to start applying the paint to the panelling. We expect it will take a couple of base coats of a magnolia colour to mask the pattern and tone of the wood prior to applying the final colour coat of the stone colour Rocky Cliff.
Then finally we can get the paper on the walls and the new flooring on the ground floor hallway and we will have a functioning room again rather than the current workshop!

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