Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Change in the Weather

At long last we have seen a change in the weather from mild but very, very wet to dry but very cold.

This morning was the first time this winter that we have had to defrost and deice the car before setting off for work. I had figured it was a little bit colder as the central heating at home woke me up this morning with a few odd bangs and clatters as the house warmed through, something it only tends to do when the weather is a little colder outside.

Thankfully we checked the heaters on the boat last weekend prior to coming home. They are all now set to keep Naughty-Cal toasty warm through this colder snap and should hopefully keep the cold away from the frost susceptible plumbing and raw water system. 

The cold snap doesn't look set to last that long and looking at the weather forecasts it is due to get a little warmer again after the weekend so we are not unduly worried about Cal and will concentrate our efforts this weekend on making yet more steady progress on the hallway at home. It has really come on leaps and bounds for spending a couple of weekends at home and cracking on. That said we really do need to start looking towards making progress with Cal's winter spruce up as well, the beginning of March will be here before we know it if we are not careful.

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