Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Next Step

Now that we have had out initial look around Naughty-Cal we can start to make a list of jobs to do and give them a timescale.

As we have a good few months, possibly a little longer to plough through the to do list there is no great rush, so we can set ourselves realistic deadlines and break the work up into manageable chunks. 

We won't be at the marina next weekend due to other commitments at home so we will have the change to gather a few bits together for our next visit the weekend after.

So far the to do list for the first weekend in December looks like this:

  • Refit shafts and new seals to drive.
  • Refit cleaned up aluminium anodes to the drive.
  • Fill drive with oil. (This will be drained off closer to launch time to flush out any remaining water contamination  and be refilled with fresh oil again just before launching)
  • Remove K&N air filter to take home for cleaning.
  • Remove raw water pump.
  • Remove alternator.
  • Fit new Raymarine Speed/Temperature transducer.
  • Clean out engine bay and bilges.
Whilst this might sound like a bit of a long list, none of the jobs is very taxing and we should easily have this lot done by early afternoon on the Saturday, so that we can then get ready for our E Pontoon Christmas Party at The Double Tree by Hilton on Brayford Pool.

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