Thursday, 19 November 2015

2015 - Part 3

The final part of this series of posts looking back on 2015.

 One of many lovely sunset cruises along the Fossdyke, this time approaching Torksey.

 August Bank Holiday cruise in company up the Trent.

 After a shambolic start to our October break we did finally get out onto the Trent on a lovely early morning.

 Sunset over West Stockwith.

 An eerie foggy run back towards Torksey.

 NB Python and Naughty-Cal on the Trent. Perhaps one of my favourite pictures from this year.

And finally a fitting end to the year with a civilised lunch at the Pyewipe.

So there you have it. Our cruising season for 2015 is over. We have travelled 1257 Miles, traversed 64 locks and used 985 litres of diesel giving and average fuel consumption for this year of 5.75mpg, a little better than in previous years.

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