Monday, 30 November 2015

Getting Hot and Steamy

As you know for the last couple of days we have been getting hot and steamy in the hallway, stripping.........wallpaper.

Tonight after work we will continue with the stripping but before that we are heading to B&Q to pick up a few bits and pieces, namely a new jigsaw as Liam's is on it's last legs and some pine cladding.

No we are not going for the sauna look, we are going for the fairly traditional clad bottom half of the wall beneath the dado rail. This will then be painted, a colour which we have yet to decide, but I am steering towards a nice pale green colour.

We picked some wall paper to match but we are a way off needing to buy that just yet. We plan to get all of the walls stripped, sanded and prepped and the cladding fixed in place and painted prior too setting about the wall papering. But hopefully in the next week or two we will be in a position to start this next phase of the attack on the hallway.

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