Friday, 6 November 2015

Here Again

Another weekend has come around frighteningly quickly, we are running out of weekends left with Naughty-Cal in the water now!

This weekend we will be busy with a few odd jobs that need doing before she comes out, first up is fitting the new turbo boost pressure gauge. We really need this fitted and tested this weekend to know if we need to book for the engine to come out or not. Fingers and toes crossed that's a not, but we will know more on Sunday morning.

The other job that could do with doing is cleaning the teak cockpit table and shelf and resealing it. It has faired up really well this year, far better than we anticipated given the use the boat has had, but now it is time for a good clean ready for the winter ahead. We have bought a two part teak cleaner from Wessex which needs the teak soaking though. As I said easier with the boat on the water so that we can hose the cockpit out after cleaning the fixed shelf. Then with the teak cleaned and thoroughly dried we will apply a couple of coats of Semco Natural Teak Sealant to keep it weather proof and looking fresh.

Other then that we only have a few bits of tidying up and cleaning to do. We will refill the diesel tank next weekend so that it is full for the winter ashore, refill the water tank and empty the toilet holding tank, as well as installing the heaters in the engine bay and cabin once more. A sure sign that winter is here.

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