Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shop Wiser

Now we all like to save a few pennies here and there and one way we have discovered of doing this, food wise at least is to buy bigger.

Now this might seem like a strange idea to some but it really does work. Take this leg of lamb for example.

Now this is a big lump of meat just for two people but it has fed us well for most of this weeks so far.

On Sunday it was slow roast in the overn at 120 degrees for four hours.

And from that we had a melt in the mouth lamb sunday lunch.

Now it was a big lump of lamb so as you can imagine there was a fair bit left over after the two of us had our fill. It hardly looked as though we had touched it.

On Monday we both had massive lamb and stuffing sandwiches for work and then on Monday evening I rustled up a lovely Thai Green Curry.

But there was still loads left. So yesterday again we had lamb in our sandwiches for work, this time I had mine with tomato chutney, very nice. And then  last night I made a quick lamb and mint casserole.

 But there was still a fair amount left. By last night however we were both feeling a little lambed out, so the remainder of the mixture has been put in the freezer to make lamb and mint pasties next week.

So one leg of lamb has so far served us with main meals for two three times, with a fourth time in the freezer and two of us with sandwiches for work for three days.

Not bad from a £10 lump of meat.

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