Monday, 9 November 2015

Happy Days

We had a really quite relaxing weekend when all was said and done.

Saturday morning was spent being rocked around on our berth with the gusty winds whilst Liam fitted the new turbo boost pressure gauge and the rain lashed the boat. Hardly ideal cruising weather anyway so we didn't miss out on much through beavering away in the engine bay.

Come Saturday afternoon when at least the rain had gone away we set off to Torksey as we knew we had an early morning tide to catch on Sunday morning. We didn't even stray away from the boat on Saturday evening, instead we had a few beers onboard and enjoyed a lovely cajun salmon salad.

Bright and early Sunday morning we were up and about ready to test out the turbo. It was at this point that we both became slightly apprehensive as to what the gauge may register. It was make or break time, a low reading would mean that we were having the engine taken out of the boat this winter, an expensive job we could do without really.

Thankfully after a few high speed runs we were able to confirm that the turbo is in fine fettle and boosting at the correct design pressure of 1.6 Bar. Happy Days.

With the turbo given a clean bill of health we headed back to Torksey, locked up and moored in the basin to have a couple of coffees and a bite to eat, smoked cheddar and chorizio toasted sandwiches filled a hole before we headed into Lincoln to enjoy a few dinnertime pints, a kind of mini celebration if you like to celebrate the mornings success.

At about 3pm we decided it was probably time to head back to base and settle in for the evening at the marina. By now the wind had started to become quite gusty again and it wasn't one of my more successful landings but we got back in with no damage done and with the heater ticking away in the background we relaxed with a few more beers and ended the evening with a cracking rib eye steak served up with BBQ Jerk new potatoes, wild mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. A fitting end to a really quite lovely weekend.

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