Thursday, 26 November 2015

Small Steps

This week I have taken a few small steps towards getting jobs on the boat done this winter. When I say small I really do mean small this week.

First up I have washed the ensign, the red flag that flies from the stern of British registered ships and boats. We fly our flag with pride and so it needs to be kept clean and tidy to do it justice. So that small job is finished. We also plan to sand and varnish the flag staff at the weekend as this is due doing as well. Can't have a clean flag flying from a tatty flag staff now can we?

I have also brought the fenders home to give them a good scrub with some magic sponge and EVM and get them looking good as new again ready to refit come spring. The fender ropes are still in excellent condition, however we have decided that it is time to get some new mooring ropes, the current ones have been on for five years now and are starting to show signs of wearing through in places. We will definitely use the same braided rope again though as it has worn and lasted far better then previous ropes we have bought.

Whilst these might only be small steps towards achieving the finished article in a few months time it is better to get them done and out of the way now, rather then stacking jobs up and rushing around in February prior to relaunching.

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