Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Job Crossed Off

With an ever shortening number of days left until Naughty-Cal comes ashore for the winter we have already crossed one job off of the to do list. A big job that we had not been looking forward too, the turbo.

But now we can look forward and concentrate on the other list of things that we plan to do over the winter months.

We now know that the shaft seals need replacing in the stern drive after out recent run to West Stockwith. It's a shame really as they had lasted really well all season and then we picked up some fishing line on our last real trip of the year. Never mind, Liam knows how to replace them by now!

We perhaps won't be visiting Naughty-Cal quite so much this winter, other than to attend prearranged events such as our Christmas dinner and New Years, etc. We have a lot of decorating we want to do at home and that just won't get done if we visit the boat every weekend as we have done in previous years. But we will still make time to visit occasionally and check all is well and cross a few minor jobs off the list.

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