Wednesday, 18 November 2015

2015 - Part 2

2015 - Part 2
Our summer holiday on the Fens and a chance to explore waters new.

 Naughty-Cal ready to set off.

 Back in Kings Lynn for the second time this year.

 Heading up the Great Ouse and into the unknown.

 Up the 100ft Drain, a complete contrast to the mighty Great Ouse.

 Off the tidal waters and onto the non tidal river, cruising through St Ives.

 The lovely Waits Moorings in St Ives.

 More pretty scenes as we head upriver.

 Through lovely villages.

 And onto the Old River West, our route to the Ely Ouse.

 Ely, the capital of the Fens.

 Moored at the Five Miles from Anywhere on the River Cam.

 Back onto the Ely Ouse and another stop off in Ely.

Heading for home anchored in the Wash.

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