Friday, 27 November 2015

Keeping Up Momentum

Last night the shaft seals finally arrived for the stern drive. I had ordered these last Friday, but due to an admin error at the place they were ordered from they have been on a bit of a tour of Sheffield.

They mixed up the billing and delivery addresses and sent the seals to my home address with my work address post code!

Thankfully they have finally made their way to us, so today Liam is keeping up this years spruce up momentum by fitting the new seals to the shaft ready to fit them back on the boat next weekend. It isn't a long or difficult job and one that Liam has done every year since we have owned Naughty-Cal, so he is getting pretty proficient at it by now. 

For the sake of £35 worth of seals and an hour or so's work it isn't really worth not doing them annually. Dodgy seals allow oil to escape from the drive and more importantly water to enter the drive contaminating the oil which protects the mechanical components. 

The seals are double back to back seals in an attempt to give the best protection possible, however they are not really much of a match for fishing line which manages to wend its way through them pretty much each year without fail and this year has been no exception.

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