Monday, 23 November 2015

A Good Start

We have had chance to have a good look around Naughty-Cal now that she is out of the water and I am pleased to report that there are no nasty surprises or hidden horrors that have revealed themselves, well not just yet anyway!

We already knew that we had picked up what we suspected was fishing line in the shaft seals and we were proven right as the pictures below confirm we had a good ball of the stuff wrapped not just around the outer seals but the inner seals as well.

With just the prop cone off the fishing line reveals itself.

And more behind the prop.

No we know that this had happened fairly recently on our last proper run on the Trent to West Stockwith as since then we have had a slight weep of oil from the drive. However we were still surprised at how well the oil looked when it came out. There was minor water contamination but nowhere near as bad as it has been in the past.

 The oil draining from the leg. Only slight water contamination this time. There was some screen wash left in the tub we drained the oil into hence the odd colour!

So now after weekend one we have a better idea of the jobs that need completing. The next time we visit in a couple of weeks we will have a few bits and pieces to put back. The new shaft seals are arriving this week so Liam can fit those to the shaft and he has the anodes with him to clean up ready for refitting. So with some fresh seals and oil and a good wash and touch up of the paint and the drive is ready to go for another year. We changed the bellows last year and they still look as good as new so they don't need changing until next year.

One small item we didn't bank on was replacing the speed transducer for the Raymarine Tridata. However at some point over the last year the speedwheel has gone AWOL. Liam took the old one out yesterday which was an easier job than anticipated and I will order a new one this week so that it is ready to refit on our next visit in a couple of weeks time.

 The transducer which fits through the Hull of the boat.

Paddle wheel should fit here!

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