Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Time For A Change

We thought it was time for a complete change in Naughty-Cal's cockpit. We were bored of the same old plain boring white vinyl trim. The trim was starting to get tired and every other Sealine S23 has the same trim. We wanted something a bit different.

We had seen the carbon Silvertex material on a Nord West sports cruiser at the boat show several years ago and instantly fell in love with it. We knew then that this was the material for Naughty-Cal when we came around to retrim her.

We were not wrong. It suits her down to the ground. Now we just need it finishing off. The lower area back rests are due to be stuck in this week and the cushion for the shelf above the fridge should be made this week. The only thing we will be waiting for are the helm seat back rests which are still at the embroiderers. These will be a couple of weeks yet.

All being well just after the bank holiday weekend we should be finished. But the effects for far we are very happy with.


  1. It looks very smart. Will the darker fabric be easier to keep clean, do you think?

    "At the embroiderers" sounds intriguing. Boat name going on, or something else? I know, wait and see - don't spoil the surprise.

    I love your blog. I read it from the beginning once I came across it, and look forward to your daily snippet. Not that I want you to feel under any pressure to keep me entertained.

  2. We are having the Sealine logo embroidered into both helm seat back rests. The original vinyl ones had it embossed in so we thought we would get it put on the new ones as well.

    Not sure if it will show dirt up or not yet. Hopefully not but I suppose only time will tell.

    Glad you enjoy the blog. It is nice to know that people appreciate it.

  3. Looks reaaly smart - does it not get hot in the sunshine

  4. Looks reaaly smart - does it not get hot in the sunshine

  5. Yes it did get hot in the brief bit of sunshine we had on Sunday. Added bonus for winter in that it acts as a bit of a heat sink so will keep the cockpit warmer :)

    Might get a bit hot in the summer though. We shall see!

  6. Of course, if it does get too hot in the sunshine the lambswool throw-overs will be just right.
    Keep up the good work, and enjoy your Scottish adventures!

  7. Doubt it will get too hot in Scotland!

  8. Hi Rach, then seats are well nice :) I thought yo had gone to Scotland so i thought i would check into see. 7 weeks or so off yet i see. I like the surround sound for the TV, mite give that a go :)

  9. When you say 7 weeks it sounds so far away but we only have 3 weekends left to finish all of the jobs off as we have bank holidays and planned trips to fit in as well!

    The surround sound works really well. Trouble is to do it justice we need to be moored well away from other boats or houses as it is quite loud!

  10. Now that would be interesting conversation from folk on the dirty ditch forum. I can see it now, NC with an ASBO for whizzing down the cut and music blasting lol.

  11. No. We save that for when we have the river or the sea to ourselves.