Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Busy Evening

Last night I set too cleaning the boat curtains and shower curtain. The latter needing a treatment with a mild bleach solution to get rid of the first signs of some mildew on the bottom edge and retaining tie back strap. Whilst the shower room does have quite a large opening window for its size, which we do leave open all of the time, it does still take the shower curtain some time to dry off which leads to mildew growth along the edges.

Tonight I will be ironing the curtains and putting their hooks back on ready to refit to the boat on Thursday evening. We have decided that as we want to get straight off on Friday evening we will pop down on Thursday evening to sort a few little jobs out to make Friday evening much smoother.

With this in mind I am going to cook a curry tonight and pop it in the freezer ready to just warm through on Thursday evening. A nice easy but tasty meal served up with some rice and a vegetable bahji after we have finished hanging curtains, hanging the shower curtain, taking the canopies off, swapping the VHF aerial for the new shorter one and finally filling up the water tank again.

With this little lot done and the food and beer put away in theory all we have to do on Friday evening is finish work, drive to the marina, park the car and turn the boat key and go.

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