Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Nice Break

We had a thoroughly enjoyable few day break over the bank holiday weekend. A nice way to chill out and unwind in one of our favourite places to visit by boat.

Staying in the same place for a couple of nights with no electric hook up gave us our first chance to test out the new batteries and see if they were going to be up to the job. We needn't have worried they performed excellently, putting up with two days worth of use from the electric kettle, fridge and heating with no worries. We were pleasantly surprised, they seem to stand up to the rigours of life on board far better then the previous Varta's did even when they were brand new. So a good choice made there.

The only slight disappointment of the long weekend was that for the second time in a month we were let down by The White Hart. They said they would feed us but in the end we got fed up of waiting and left, heading to the Waterfront for a couple of drinks before going to the Yacht Club where we ordered a take out curry instead. Next time we probably won't bother with the White Hart at all which is a shame as we have always enjoyed it in there in the past.

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