Monday, 22 May 2017

All Is Good

Yesterday we had a quiet day. We needed to get the boat cleaned up ready for next weekend's long weekend trip down the Witham and we needed to test out the Honda outboard to check that was working as it should again.

The dinghy took some bailing out with all the rain we had last week, but before too long the little Honda was sat on the back again purring away, seemingly none the different for its fuel spillage and contaminated oil. We will keep using it over the next few weeks to make sure it is going to be reliable when we go away.

With the dinghy and outboard sorted out our attentions turned to Naughty-Cal. The interior was given a full going over with fresh bedding and all of the curtains and shower curtain have come home for a good wash. The shower room had a good thorough clean and the assortment of cleaning chemicals and potions and lotions was sorted out with anything not necessary coming home or going in the bin.

Whilst I was busy inside, Liam was busy scrubbing the cockpit. Hopefully the interior should be finished this week so we should, in theory be fully ready for our trip to Boston.

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