Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Small Things

It is a combination of attention to detail and changing just a few little things that we find makes our enjoyment of Naughty-Cal all the better.

Take for example the simple changing of the towel holder in the shower room. For nine years we have hated the horrible plastic original that Sealine found fit to install. It looked and felt cheap and nasty and eventually the inevitable happened when Liam managed to break it at the back end of last year.

We sourced a suitable replacement fro B&Q a couple of months ago but had not gotten around to fitting it. Liam fitted it on Saturday morning and hey presto, the room is transformed and no more nasty plastic. Instead we have a simple stainless steel ring. Looks much nicer and feels much more sturdy. Now why didn't Sealine think of that.

This weekend we have a set of new tap heads to fit in the shower room. Again these are cheap and nasty plastic items which don't last long before they are worn and no longer turn the taps to adjust the water temperature. But we have another little plan up our sleeve for the shower room to improve this further. But that will wait until our return from Scotland.

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