Wednesday, 10 May 2017

More Work

It is time this coming weekend to fettle the dinghy ready for July's big trip. The new engine has run its allotted running in hours so is coming home for it's ten hour oil and leg oil change. It will then be cleaned up and packed away in it's bag ready to go.

The dinghy needs taking out of the water and giving a proper scrub top and bottom. The only problem with leaving it in the water at our mooring is the amount of growth it gets in a relatively short space of time.

We are also making a new floor for the dinghy. The old wooden one has suffered the effects of time and weather, well it is 13 years old now, it won't be like brand new. We are making a new plastic floor using the old boards as patterns.

Finally the last piece of getting it ready is replacing the rope fendering and also buying a couple of new mooring ropes to complete the refurbishment. With all of this lot done, hopefully on Saturday, then the dinghy will be rolled up and put in the car to take home and stick in the garage until we are ready to go to Scotland.

Not long now!

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