Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It Lives

The little Honda lives to fight another day. We dropped it off at Farndon Marina on Saturday due to an unexplained fuel leak.

They had a good look at it on Monday and were at a loss as to what had happened. There was fuel in the oil as well as pouring out of the back of the engine cover.

So the mechanic at Farndon has cleaned it all out, flushed the engine oil through with clean oil and run it up to see if it did it again. And guess what. No it didn't. So he left it overnight. Fired it up again and no sign of any fuel leaks again. So he has dropped the oil again and put fresh in and carried out the rest of the ten hour service. It is now ready to pick up on Saturday when we will put it back on the dinghy and give it a few more hours running to check all is well.

The most likely scenario for the fuel leak is when the boat next to ours knocked the outboard into the tilted position a couple of weeks ago it has also spun the engine over onto the "wrong"side. Four stroke engines can only be laid down one way of course. This coupled with the motion of the dinghy in the water we believe has caused fuel to enter the oil system and oil to leak out of the system, creating the resulting mess that poured all over the boot of my car!

Still it is all cleaned up now, freshly serviced and ready to go again. Now we just need to run another litre or two of petrol through it to ensure it is going to stay reliable and then it is good to go to Scotland.

Fingers crossed we have no more set backs like this. We can do without them now!


  1. it's a Honda - should not go wrong - well my CRV didn't.


  2. That's why we bought it.

    Had more trouble with it so far then we have ever had with the Mariner 6hp!