Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Hidden Gem

Naughty-Cal is a tad too deep drafted to head down the Chesterfield Canal so we really have been missing out on this hidden gem of a waterway. On Sunday the weather was just right for a little exploration on the dinghy. Three and a half hours upstream and then turning back around again to head back to the basin.

Leaving Naughty-Cal behind.

Passing the moored boats at Stockwith.

In the lock.

Under the first of many bridges.

Out into the countryside.

The first of many refuels!

Gringley Lock with the stunning lock cottage.

Pleasant wooded sections.

Approaching the tunnel at Drakeholes.

Through the tunnel. Our first tunnel ever and it was on the dinghy!

Yet more bridges.

Sharing the locks with a pair of narrowboats on the way back downstream.

After this wonderful day out the outboard has now run its ten hours running in time. We will take it home next weekend and give it it's first 10 hour service. This requires a change of engine oil and leg oil and then it will be cleaned up and packed away ready to go to Scotland in a couple of months time.

Blimey this trip is creeping up on us now!


  1. Downhill! Canals don't have streams :-)
    Glad you are falling under the spell of the cut... You'll have a narrow boat yet.