Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sneaking Up

When we first started planning our long awaited trip to Scotland with Naughty-Cal, it seemed such a long way off. Now we are just nine weeks off setting out on what will be our biggest adventure to date.

With this dawning realisation that time is marching on and we still have quite a lot of jobs to do we have started to make a list of what we have left to do before we can set off.

Naughty-Cal is for our part pretty much sorted. We just have one or two tiny little jobs to do. The new shorter VHF aerial needs fitting and rewiring right back to the radio. Last years Norfolk Broads licences need scraping off the windows and our new Canal and Rivers Trust index numbers need putting in the windows. We need to scrub up the tonneau cover and check that it will be a snug enough fit to get us the long journey to Scotland and back covered up. And finally a job that we have no control over, we need the new cockpit trim fitting!

The dinghy needs a good fettle up. We need to replace the floor with a new plastic floor, replace the rope fender and the mooring ropes and finally give the whole thing a good scrub so that it is looking good as new, then it will be rolled up and taken home to wait until we go. The new outboard is coming home this week for it's ten hour service and then this will be packed away and bagged up ready to go also.

It will be a busy nine weeks. As well as this host of jobs we also have a few cruises lined up and another long bank holiday weekend to fit in. We have no choice but to get everything finished in time for the off. So we have a busy time ahead.

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