Monday, 15 May 2017

A Quiet Weekend

What with one thing and another we didn't actually get anything done that we had hoped this weekend but we did have a nice relaxing time instead.

On Saturday we discovered a problem with the new Honda outboard so that scuppered any ideas of cleaning up the dinghy and taking it home as we will need it again when the engine comes back now to test run it again.

So instead of cleaning we spent Saturday lounging around in the marina before having a steady run down to Saxilby for a BBQ evening with friends.

On Sunday we had a steady jaunt back before jumping in the car and driving the 30 miles or so to Farndon Marina to drop off the engine. Upon getting back we stuck the chicken in the slow cooker and headed out to The Pyewipe for a couple of drinks. Surprisingly for a sunny Sunday afternoon the pub and moorings were pretty empty. A sudden downpour put and end to our drinks in the beer garden so we headed back to the marina for a couple of drinks on the balcony of Harbour Lights instead. Before finally retiring back to the boat to listen to some music and tuck into a slow cooked moroccan chicken with a selection of vegetables.

The few set backs this weekend do mean that we are going to be extra busy in the upcoming weekends as we try to catch up with jobs.

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