Thursday, 25 May 2017

Evening Sunshine

As it was a nice evening yesterday we decided to take the Sierra for a run out to The Strines Inn for a couple of beers in the sunshine. Partly because we have not been out in it for a while and partly because we are taking it to the boat this weekend so we wanted to check it was still running as it should be. Thankfully it was.

This morning we have loaded everything into the boot, then unloaded some so that we can get the beer and food in the boot. No matter how large a boot you have on a car it is never big enough!

So tonight we will head to the marina to load up the boat, take off the canopies, put up the curtains and generally just relax in the evening sunshine before heading back to Sheffield in the morning to work.


  1. Lovely day on the river today

  2. Got to the boat about an hour ago. Whipped the hoods off, done a few odd jobs and now sat on the back enjoying a dark and stormy as the sun goes down.

    Shame we have to go back to work tomorrow!