Tuesday, 9 September 2014


You know how duvet covers are the work of the devil and impossible to get onto the duvet successfully the first time?

Well upholstery covers are much the same only a much more difficult shape to boot.

Last night we successfully removed the seat base covers and gave them a good wash in the machine. They have come up much cleaner, it does have to be said, but and its a big but, getting them back onto their foam bodies was an absolute nightmare. 

One of them doesn't look too bad but the other is a bit twisted and not quite settled back in right so, tonight we will try sitting on it a bit and see if it coaxes it back into shape. If not its off with them both again and into the wash again to get them wet. They are apparently much easier to put on wet, so heaven only knows how difficult they must be dry.

We will also give the pelmets as scrub tonight and use the upholstery cleaner to wet vac and clean then. Again one of them isn't too dirty but the one that goes over the galley picks up lots of dirt, grime and grease from cooking and needs more attention. In theory though this is a much easier job than last nights!

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