Monday, 8 September 2014


We have decided that it is about time we took the cabin upholstery home for a good scrub and freshen up before our final holiday of the year at the beginning of next month. So last night we bundled the saloon seat bases and pelmets into the car, which is easier said than done when the seating is pretty much as long as the car, with the intention of taking the seat covers off the foam and giving them a good long wash in the washing machine. The pelmets will have to be washed with the carpet cleaner as the fabric covers don't come off the backing plates. Then next weekend we will take the carpet cleaner to the boat to scrub up the fixed seat backs. Hopefully this will freshen up the cabin a little as I'm sad to say they are long overdue a good scrub!

Next weekend I will bring home all of the curtains and shower curtain and give them a good wash as well and then we should have a nice clean and fresh cabin once more, just in time for a week afloat heading to Hull and York.

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