Wednesday, 17 September 2014


So it is the 1000th post on the blog today. Will it be anything exciting? Will it be anything different? Well no. Its midweek and its business as usual. 

Nothing exciting happens midweek. Last night was just the usual drive home after work, made all the worse by the huge roadworks scheme currently ongoing in Sheffield. They are resurfacing and making good all roads in Sheffield, all the footpaths are being relaid and all of the street lights are being replaced with new columns and LED lighting. It will be great when they are finished but at the moment it is causing traffic chaos. Its anybodies guess which roads will be closed on which days. On top of this there are several larger highways improvement schemes on the main commuter routes in and out of the city. The main one bothering us at the moment is the removal of the Leppings Lane roundabout and its replacement with a new signalized junction. Sounds great but the traffic it is currently causing has to be seen to be believed and we have to pass this to get too and from home to work.

Anyway enough of that, when we finally did land at home, better late than never I suppose, it was the ususal midweek pattern of cooking dinner, last night it was Chicken Enchilladas, bunging a load of washing in the machine and then chilling out in front of the TV to watch a film. Last night it was Lone Survivor, a 2013 film following the story of  failed US Navy Seals mission, Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. A great film.

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