Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Don't Bother

Cheap Chinese inverters. All I can say about them is don't bother.

We installed ours on saturday and within seconds of turning it on were deafened by the fan noise, scared to use it and quite frankly very unimpressed.

So we swiftly unwired it and filed it under B for bin. Lesson learned. When we get back from our next break I will order a decent one and install that in its place. One that wont set the boat alight!!


  1. We bought at 700w Silverline inverter from Argos last Christmas for Moonshine just, think these are about £47 at the moment. However Amazon do sell more powerful Silverline ones. Also you could try Toolstation, they aren't going to sell rubbish. Ours is very quiet, and we only use ours for the tv and charging laptops, however I do appreciate you may need a more powerful one than ours. I would send yours back and get a full refund if possible.

  2. Dont worry its getting sent back alright. I have the address to send it back too.