Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Raw Water

So here it is. The offending seal that caused us to have bilges full of River Humber, trust me we know it gave way on the Humber with the colour of the water I was pumping from the bilges. There is no mistaking that brown, silty water for anything else!

Actually there are two of these seals to replace but that is all. How can two small seals cause so much mess?

We have a bit of a clean up to do this weekend after the new seals are fitted as the water has sprayed all over the engine bay, again. These seals packed up about three years ago in similar fashion when we were on the Ouse. Again spraying dirty silty water all over the engine bay and into the bilges. At least this time we have caught it before the leak got too bad and we have managed to contain the bilge water and remove it before it has seeped anywhere untoward!

Its a stroke of luck that we found this leak as we were not planning on going into the engine bay last weekend. Thankfully we have now got plenty of time to fix the leak and make sure everything is running as it should be before next months final holiday of the year. Fingers crossed these seals sort out the problem.

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