Monday, 15 September 2014

Another Relaxing Weekend

We had another relaxing weekend in Lincoln this weekend. No rushing around, no schedule to keep, just a weekend of chilling out and kicking back.

It was the Asylum steam punk festival in Lincoln so we had a wander round the cathedral area where the event was held before heading back down the hill to the Brayford Pool area of the city.

The only real jobs for the weekend were refitting the upholstery we had removed to wash and scrubbing and washing the fixed upholstery which we did yesterday afternoon. It already looks much better but it isnt quite 100% dry yet so we have left the windows open to air the boat and let the dampness out. We have taken the curtains and shower curtain home this week to give them a good wash which leaves just the mattress covers to bring home and wash next week. We will then have a fully washed interior. Time to start on the exterior then!

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