Monday, 1 September 2014

Leaks and Leeks

Well what a cracking weekend that was. No need to venture far but we still really enjoyed our weekend bumbling around in Lincoln. Despite having moored just a couple of miles away for six years we rarely, if ever spend the weekend in this beautiful city.

Saturday was spent milling around in town, I had my hair done whilst Liam did a spot of food shopping in the markets and then we had a leisurely breakfast before sampling a few pints in a couple of the many establishments. During the evening we enjoyed a rather fine curry at the Modern Indian on High Street. A great way to end a great day.

Yesterday started slowly, with another leisurely breakfast in The Mailbox pub before heading back to the boat for a few beers to start the afternoon off nicely. Mid afternoon we made our way back to our own berth where we came across the first of the leaks, not leeks just yet!

On getting Liam's tool box out of the engine bay to lend some tools to a good friend we discovered the raw water pump seals had gone, again. So once more the bilges were full of water and the alternator was getting a soaking. Luckily we have caught it in time this time as we go away in four weeks again. So saturday afternoon was spent drying out the bilges and ordering replacement seals. All this hassle for a pair of seals costing just £15.

So with the first of the leaks sorted we sat back for yet more beers when we were joined by some more friends who usually moor in Lincoln. They borrowed a spare mooring for a few hours whilst we enjoyed yet more beers. 

And then for the second leek. Leek and mustard sauce this time to accompany our lovely rump steaks. The sauce was so simple yet so tasty. Simply fry some chopped leeks in a knob of butter. When soft add a carton of single cream and two table spoons of english mustard. Dead easy and a great way to end a great weekend.

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