Friday, 26 September 2014

Decisions, Decisions

We have some decisions to make this weekend, namely where we are going on our last holiday of this year on board Naughty-Cal.

The original plan had been to head up the Ouse to York, but the tide times and lock opening hours are going to be far too restrictive for that. By the time we are there it will pretty much be time to turn around and start heading back.

So we are looking at Plan B which is heading out onto the Trent and pottering around for a few days around Newark and beyond. We have not been up that way for a long while. Trouble with this plan is unless we get some real rain in the next 10 days 9 days the water levels are already low and the tides are forecast to be tiny. We might not even make it out of Torksey!

So we are conjuring up a Plan C. Plan C currently involves heading down the Witham to Boston, this time with enough time to have a gentle cruise and enjoy the river. Stopping at a few pubs on the way down river. The plan then being to have a night or two on the Black Sluice. Despite the 19 miles of river being opened up in 2009 we have not as yet explored what it has to offer. Then it would be a relaxed cruise back upstream. Its been a while since we cruised the Witham without storming straight through the pretty villages and towns along the route.

Who would have thought a week on the inland holidays would take so much planning? OK we expect it when heading out to sea but come on. We only want a local cruise!


  1. There is always Kings Lynn again and or Denver and Ely. We would love to go to Denver again. Hope it all goes well.

  2. We are heading up to Ely for our summer cruise next year so don't really want to do that again so soon.

    Plus we have a bit of an oil leak from the drive (fishing line in the seals) so we dont really want to do anything too stressful on the drive. The boat is coming out just after christmas so not lifting it again now.

    Naughty-Cal is going to have a few moths of steady pootling around. She wont know whats happening!