Thursday, 4 September 2014

Busy Week

Its been a busy, busy week so far this week and it isnt set to get any less busy today.

On Monday we got back from the boat and settled in straight away at work. Before work I did our weekly shop, stuck it in the boot of the car and then hurried to work, finished the morning stint, rushed across the city to home on the norther outskirts of Sheffield to put the shopping away, grab a bite to eat and stick a load of washing in the machine, before heading back to work for the afternoon. After work we rushed across town once more to meet up with Liam's father and sister and the kids for an evening meal in the Walkley Cottage pub, then it was time to head home and sort out the washing to dry. It was gong 9.30pm before we even thought about grabbing a shower or sitting down to take a break.

On Tuesday we had the same old routine of work but when we got home we decided to tackle the front gardens. Liam tackled the hedges whilst I mowed the lawn, did a spot of weeding and prepared a cracking evening meal of grilled mackerel, smoked paprika wedges and vegetables. After dinner it was then time to scrub the bathroom, change the bedding and put yet another load in the washing machine, another busy evening.

Last night was another busy one. We had work during the day then it was time to head back home and tackle the back garden. Again Liam did the hedges whilst I cut the grass and prepared dinner of vegetable cobbler. After we had sat down to our dinners and had a quick shower I then set about preparing tonights dinner of lasagne. 

We have Liam's mum coming around for dinner tonight so last night the lasagne was prepared. This morning before work I gave the kitchen a good once over so tonight we should have made ourselves a nice easy evening. Lasagne is cooked, I just need to make some homemade garlic bread and homemade apple tarts. The pastry is already made in the fridge and the custard so in theory it should be easy living tonight!

We shall see.

Hopefully we have now cut the hedges for the last time this year. Usually at this time of year they have slowed right down and given in growing for the year. The grass no doubt will want another cut or two before the year is out but we have lifted the cut height to the autumn/winter setting in the hope it has slowed down enough.

It looks like we have a busy weekend ahead to compliment a busy week. The raw water pump seals have arrived so that is Liam's job on Saturday morning. I have tasked myself with giving the cabin a good clear out and declutter in readiness for next months holiday on board and the bedding wants changing and just a general clean up and tidy. Thats Saturday gone then!

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