Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Cleaning

Who said boat ownership was relaxing again?

They were a down right liar. Last night after a full and busy day at work we both found ourselves cleaning and preening boat upholstery once more.

Liam was busy scrubbing yet more of the removable cabin upholstery, then using the Vax to suck out the water and leave it almost dry. I found myself ironing the cabin curtains and refitting the stupidly fiddly plastic hooks that clip them to the eyes and runner on the boat. You don't realise how many curtains there are in such a small space until it comes to time to wash and iron them all. And then the task of refitting them on Friday evening!

To top it off we have yet more cleaning to do next week. Next week its the turn of the bedding and mattresses. Then thats it. You know when you start one of those jobs and then realise just how big a task it actually is? Well this was one of those tasks. But hopefully, next weekend, not the one coming up, it will all be done and wont need doing again for another year or so. 

Fingers crossed anyway. You know how it goes when you spent ages cleaning something? It gets stupidly dirty straight away!!

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