Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More Wrestling

So last night we spent the evening wrestling with Naughty-Cal's matresses. No that's not code for anything!

The mattress covers were the last piece of upholstery in the cabin that were due a wash, so we brought them home, duly removed them from the matresses in the comfort of the living room, stuck them in a nice long, warm wash and then spent an hour wrestling the matresses back into the covers. Not an easy job. People say its easier with the covers still wet and stretchy but trust me, it still isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.

So currently we have a pair of matresses drying on the dining room floor. A quick glance at them this morning has revealed that they are much cleaner but they still look a bit curly and not quite in the covers right so tonight, when they have dried out we are going to stamp them down a bit and generally hope and pray that they return to some sort of normal shape.

Thankfully that is the last of the upholstery washing for a while. We just have the cockpit vinyl to scrub at the weekend but thats a much quicker job with the aid of magic sponge and EVM. We will have that clean in no time at all.

This coming weekend is our last before our final holiday onboard of the year. We had planned to visit York and Hull but the tide times dont look great and the tidal locks are now on winter opening hours which has not helped either. So instead we are going to have a run up the Trent possibly to Newark, but also want a run the other way to West Stockwith as well. So it will be a relaxed week of river cruising rather than a charging around week as our other holidays have been this year. It will make a nice change, this will be our first inland holiday for sometime now and our first run up the Trent this year. 

Mind you with river levels as low as they are at the moment it could be anything but relaxing!

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