Thursday, 3 March 2016

What A Crock

Continuing on the food theme that seems to have developed so far this week, we made another essential purchase for Naughty-Cal yesterday.

Ok, so maybe it isn't that essential, Cal does already have a slow cooker on board but it is looking a bit battered and bruised. So impressed have we been with the Original Crock Pot you may remember we bought for at home just before Christmas that we have had to buy another one for the boat.

The Tesco branded slow cooker has given us good service over the years and has not grumbled at the beatings it has sustained, rattling around in the cupboard at sea. But it was time for a change and we have found that the Crock Pot being just a little bit more powerful cooks food much better. So whilst they were on offer again at Tesco we bit the bullet, well for £15 it was rude not too.

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