Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pressing Ahead

Now that we have Naughty-Cal back in the water where she belongs and we have had a couple of little shake down cruises which have gone well, we can start to look ahead to getting ready for our first proper cruises of the year.

We have longer than usual to get ready for the first cruise this year as we won't be on board for Easter, we will be visiting family in Scotland instead so we can spread out the last of the little fettling jobs across the coming weekends. We have gathered together all of the parts to complete these jobs but what is the rush?

This coming weekend we have a few small odd jobs to sort out. A bulb has gone in one of the dashboard instruments which needs changing, one of the navigation light bulbs has also blown and needs replacing. We also have a new remote control to fit to the blue LED cockpit lighting.

As well as this little lot we also have all of the remaining parts to finish the full engine service but we may well leave this until after Easter now. We also need to give the canopies a really good scrub and a coat of Fabsil, but again this may well wait.

And finally the job we hate doing, the dinghy needs hauling out and giving a really good clean and the outboard is ready for a service ready to go to Wells next the Sea in May. 

Who said that boating was relaxing?

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