Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tides In

It would seem that the tide is in at Burton Waters this morning! 

Yesterday's rain has set the water levels rising and they have allowed as much of the excess water into the lakes as possible before shutting the flood gates to protect the properties on the marina.

The forecast is for dry weather for the next couple of days so hopefully they can sluice the water away and have the levels back to normal in their usual quick time.

On a brighter note, both Liam and I have felt well enough to venture to work today. We are still suffering slight effects from whatever illness struck us down but are now well enough or brave and foolish enough to venture more than a few metres from the loo!


  1. Hi, is that a publicly available web-cam image you have posted there?
    PS Glad to hear you feeling better! Regards Phil

  2. No. That is the view from our friends balcony.

    You can just see Naughty-Cal behind the restaurant.