Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Got the Monk On

We don't very often have Monkfish at home, it has a tendancy to be very expensive so we tend to opt for the more economical fish. Liam can also be a tad on the fussy side when it comes to eating fish, white fish in particular.

But the sight of a large piece of Monkfish reduced from £7 to £1.60 was enough to tempt me in and so last night we had a lovely Monkfish thai green curry served with wholewheat noodles and vegetable spring rolls.

Monkfish is quite a firm white fish so does stand up well to being curried or used in kebabs. 

Now we will be on the look out for more on the reduced counter. I am certainly not paying the full price per fillet, once dubbed the poor man's lobster, since becoming popular Monkfish has rocketed in price, no longer for the poor man at all.

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