Monday, 21 March 2016

Bailed Out

It was strange this weekend watching people getting their boats ready for the upcoming Easter break knowing that we won't actually be on board next weekend, but will instead be travelling up North across the border to see Liam's mum instead.

We couldn't just sit back and watch everyone else at work as much as we would have liked too, so we decided it was time to bail out the dinghy and coax it back into life after a winter of being laid dormant. Whilst Liam was busy bailing out and cleaning, I went to fetch some fresh fuel. It really doesn't use much fuel, last year it used less then £10 worth! Then the engine was turned over a couple of times without the fuel connected to get the oil circulating and then with the fuel connected, like a swiss watch, at the first pull of the cord it sprang into life, ticking away like it was only yesterday it was put to rest.

And off Liam went on the first dinghy ride of the year, but the happiness was to be short lived as just ten minutes later he was towed back in. Something would appear to be amiss with the carb, it was leaking fuel. So it will be brought back home in a few weeks to have the carb stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt and whilst it is at home it may as well be treated to a full service with fresh engine oil, leg oil, spark plug, anode and impellor. 

It shouldn't be a big job and will then mean that the dinghy is ready for the coming year of cruising.

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