Monday, 7 March 2016

All is Well

It is safe to say we were a little bit apprehensive taking Naughty-Cal out for her first run of the year. We had replaced several items that couldn't be tested with the boat out of the water so it was a pretty ginger first run into Lincoln to check everything was fine and dandy.

Thankfully it was and we have had a brilliant trouble free weekend, albeit we didn't venture far but it was far enough to test all systems are go.

Yesterday we had a bimble back into Lincoln to do a spot of shopping and grab a few quiet pints before heading back to the marina to enjoy the lovely lamb shanks that had been simmering away in the new slow cooker. The new slow cooker certainly uses a noticeable amount more power than the old one. The ammeter took a dive into the red even on low power, something we will have to be mindful of whilst out cruising.

The batteries seem to be performing fine after their winter ashore on float charge. They usually have a tendancy to be a little sluggish with their performance for a couple of weekends after we are relaunched however this year they seem to be fine. This could in part be due to the new alternator charging at a slightly higher voltage and stirring them up a little more than the old one did. 

So in summary, we have had a great weekend with no major problems to report and just a few little finishing off jobs for next weekend.

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