Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bathroom Blues

It has been a case of the bathroom blues at home of late. Last week it was the toilet playing up and repairing this was a task in itself when the tank lid is only a few inches from the ceiling with very little work room to be had

Then with the toilet fixed and working again, I managed to somehow snap the  clip holding the shower head in place so we had to get another one. Turns out it is just as cheap to replace the whole rail, clip, shower head and hose. But just before I ordered a new one from trusty Ebay a friend came up trumps and produced a brand new unopened one from the bowels of their boat.

As is usual fixing these things never runs smoothly. The length of the tube was longer on the new one and not wanting to drill more holes in the tiles Liam thought cutting down the tube would be the easiest fix. Wrong. I don't know what it is made from but it didn't want to cut down easily.

We now have a fully functioning bathroom again. For how long this time?

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