Thursday, 17 March 2016

Not to be Defeated

Doesn't look much does it? That one little section of ceiling, less than 1m square. How hard can it be to apply a few coats of paint?

Well it turns out it can be really very difficult. For a start what you can't appreciate from the photo is that this little section of ceiling is over the stairs at a point where they turn a corner, so no matter how hard you try the ladders are never really very stable. And on the note of ladders when you have finally contorted yourself into a position to paint the ceiling, perched on a ladder brush in one hand and paint pot in the other, stepped back to admire your handy work, and then decided to move the ladders. Well that is a faff in itself trying to move the ladders out of the way without clouting the freshly painted ceiling.

Needless to say it has been a tiresome task. But finally, last night I got the last coat on it. Never again!

This small section of paintwork has very nearly defeated me. However spurred on by Liam's high wire act, high up above the stairs, again with paint tray in one hand and roller in the other, we have somehow managed to get through the tricky parts. It's all downhill from here, hopefully not literally.

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