Monday, 29 February 2016

Slowly Disappearing

The vast amounts of pine cladding we have fixed in the hallway are slowly disappearing under layers of paint. It almost seems a shame after all of the hard work involved in cutting, shaping and fixing the wood.

Over the weekend we managed to get three coats of white paint on the difficult to reach ceiling over the stairs and the larger area of ceiling over the downstairs section of the hallway.

The difference is quite marked as it has really lightened up the area. This week we intend to get the last small section of ceiling above the bottom landing in a couple of coats of white paint and also start applying the cream paint to the tops sections of wall above the picture rail.

After what seemed to be an age with little visible progress we are now cracking on and the hallway is now starting to look much better for it. We can at last see an end in sight.

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