Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Holiday That Wasn't - Part 5

Part 5
Heading for home

 Another early morning start from West Stockwith.

 Out onto the Trent in thick fog.

 The sun starting to make a appearance through the fog.

 More daylight as we head through Gainsborough.

 There is a pontoon there somewhere!

 Now where is that bridge?

 Gainsborough bridge appearing out of the gloom.

 The higher the sun rises the more mist it burns away.

 Arriving in Torksey to glorious sunshine.

 And onto Saxilby where we have a lovely curry.

 Sunday and time to head for home.

 But not before a pit stop in Lincoln to do a spot of shopping.

 Brayford Pool in the sunshine.

 Passing the CRT long term moorings on our way back to Burton Waters.

Back on her home berth washed, scrubbed and ready for her next adventure.

Total Miles = 56 Miles
Total Locks = 4 Locks

Not the mileage we are used to covering in a weeks break but on the plus side we used very little fuel. The fuel gauge has hardly moved, I think the diesel heating used more than the engine!

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